To become best top end & most respectable brand of melamine crockery in the world.


To combine aggressive branding strategy with quality products in order to provide top end dining experience for our customers.


Paras Industries was founded in 1986 by Ch. Muhammad Ijaz and colleagues.  Before, Ch. Muhammad Ijaz who was running a different business related with manufacturing of stainless steel cutlery.  During this period Ch. Muhammad Ijaz visited various countries where he came across with the concept of manufacturing melamine crockery in Pakistan. After conducting market research, he found that manufacturing melamine crockery in Paksitan is a new idea and also this product line has very weak market competition. So, eventually he invested in manufacturing of melamine crockery and founded Paras Industries.

Very first problem faced by Paras Industries’s management was lack of technical know-how in setting up machinery and production department. Availability of raw materials and labor also had question marks. But leadership put their heads together and found out solutions by blending their previous industrial experience with new experiments. Now this continuous hard ship since 1986 has turned Paras Industries into a pioneer of Melamine Crockery in the field of Superior Durability & Innovative designs.


Over the period of time PARAS has introduced some record breaking crockery brands for example Liberty Dinnerware and Signature Trays. These brands are the oldest in the market by PARAS but even today they are still hot sellers and now have become icons for Paras Industries.

By far Paras Industries is the largest exporter of Melamine crockery in Pakistan covering various destinations across the globe as well as maintaining strong roots with local market.

High focus and continuous innovation in manufacturing department has resulted into the most modernized production unit in Pakistan.