Forged in the legacy and hardship since 1986, PARAS has brought its unique brands of crockery to embrace dining tables. PARAS is a design boutique which presents the most stylish and innovative designs in crockery world.  We aspire for designed lifestyle, a table where work, life and inspiration are all equal and integrated. Our goal is to create work that is exclusive. Colours, designs and shapes that are exploratory and inspirational. Creative that is conceptually interesting and visually stunning. We design with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting as fun as the end result.

Through our vast experience, state of the art production unit and industry leading technical expertise, we provide the best quality controlled and durable products. We have the most sophisticated inspection system which communicates at different level of production until packaging. We have self-oriented labor training program by which we train them from scratch instead of outsourcing them. This is also a fundamental element to insure quality of our products. In simple words, product durability is our competitive advantage.

Over the years PARAS has grown and maintained its position in local sector as well as globally. With a global presence in around 7 countries spanning across three continents, PARAS is expanding its presence in international markets including Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Not to mention, for corporate and long term customers we are super easy to work with as long as you go along with your ideas.


  • Better understanding of cultural diversified products courtesy to our long term presence in international market.
  • Differentiation strategy is a key element for development of our products.
  • Most modern plant & machinery in Pakistan which is essence of our Durable products.
  • Lengthy research process is involved in new product development which results in unique and innovative crockery design and shapes that enables our distributors to gain market control.
  • Self-oriented labor training program to maintain quality control.
  • Professional branding and packaging is essential part of our marketing approach.
  • As market strategy we believe on building a long term relationship with our distributors.